Support for School Leaders

In the lives of Heads of School and other senior admin­is­trators, there are times when you can’t or don’t want to lean on a trusted colleague to think things through; sometimes it’s hard to know in whom to confide at all. I work with admin­is­trators who want support in being effective, trans­for­ma­tional leaders, working in alignment with their own prin­ciples and in tune with the complex and competing needs of their school community.

Closely connected with the inde­pendent school world for 30 years, I spe­cialize in a rela­tional approach to lead­ership in school com­mu­nities. Working on an as-needed basis allows me to provide an ongoing, deeper per­spective that one-time con­sul­ta­tions cannot offer. I work to get to know you and your school, and I am committed to your success and your integrity and overall happiness. Our work focuses on both specific problem-solving and, through con­ver­sa­tions that “go deeper” if need be, broader solutions to problems that reflect your values and visions for leadership.

Please contact me if you are inter­ested in working with me in this capacity.