Confidential support for school leaders

In important ways, it truly is lonely at the top. In the lives of Heads of School and other senior administrators, you often cannot appropriately lean on a colleague – even a trusted one – to tell them the whole story, to ask them to fully help you think things through. Sometimes it’s hard to know in whom to confide at all. Usually highly relational people, school leaders often find the work and its paradoxical loads of everyone wanting a connection with them yet still feeling alone in the work unsustainable.

I work with educational leaders who want support in making their work and their lives sustainable. I support you toward being an effective, transformational leader, working in alignment with your highest principles and in tune with the complex and competing needs of your school community. We also follow and address the personal challenges that may interfere with your vision or your growth.

In my career over the past 40 years, I’ve always had one foot firmly planted in the world of therapy and one foot firmly planted in the world of educational leadership. It’s a delight to work with clients that allow me to bring those worlds together.

Please contact me if you are interested in doing this work with me.