Counseling practice

trees Whether they are strug­gling with work rela­tion­ships, anxiety, grief, depression, acute or chronic health problems, my clients are fun­da­men­tally curious and creative people. Clients best suited to my practice are willing to reflect deeply on the chal­lenges and joys of their existence. They come seeking guidance and support, yet take respon­si­bility for the growth and well-being that are their birthright.

I value the oppor­tunity to work with clients of varied ethnic, racial, and religious back­grounds. I welcome clients whose gender identity falls anywhere on that complex spectrum, and honor loving rela­tion­ships and families among people of any sexual orientation.

Though I have clients from varied walks of life, I often work with clients who are educators. These counseling/coaching rela­tion­ships focus on main­taining a sense of joy, purpose, identity, and balance in the midst of the mul­ti­faceted demands of life and school. I have a par­ticular interest in and com­mitment to working with faculty and admin­is­trators of color.