The musician Greg Brown nailed it when he said, “Life is a thump-ripe melon: so sweet and such a mess.” Finding your way to the sweet and making sense of the mess requires your most authentic, grounded, curious, and present self. When that self eludes you, as it does for all of us now and then, it’s lonely and frus­trating. You miss yourself. And where the heck did your clarity and resilience go? You know they’re in there somewhere.

  • Deepen your connections.
  • Expect renewal.
  • Savor your path.
  • Find your center.
    Photo: S. Hickman
  • Remember: your joy is your greatest source of power.
  • Enjoy the passing of time.

Working with a therapist/counselor can help you find these elusive treasures. Talking things through in a safe, focused, delib­erate way helps you under­stand and resolve old issues, leaving behind habits and patterns that keep tripping you up. Deep explo­ration can help you find the clarity you misplaced — or which cir­cum­stances have hidden from you.

The self you yearn for is within — and is looking for you, too. Coun­seling can help you find each other.