Life works best when you are living as your most authentic, most grounded, most creative and resilient self. When you can’t find your usual mojo, it’s frus­trating. Where the heck did your clarity go? You know it’s in there somewhere. Having a place to talk things through can help you recal­i­brate and check your life compass, bringing you back to a place where your balance, health, and well-being are at the very center.

My approach to coun­seling takes into con­sid­er­ation mind, body, and spirit, and offers you a time and place to look closely at where you are so that you can regain clarity on where-to-from-here. As we work together, whatever your cir­cum­stances, you have the oppor­tunity to rethink and resolve old issues, and move mindfully beyond habits and patterns that may be keeping you stuck. Mostly, it helps you find that clarity you misplaced — or that your cir­cum­stances have hidden from you. Your clarity is within; you and I can search for it together.

  • Find your center. Find your balance.
    Photo credit: Stew Hickman
  • Renewal happens.
  • Enjoy your path.
  • Begin at once to live.
  • Enjoy the passing of time.

My ultimate intention is to help you:

  • expe­rience more happiness and wonder in your life

  • develop greater resilience and optimism

  • be more fully present and loving in your relationships

  • enjoy the healing power of insight and connection

  • deepen your sense of your life’s meaning and purpose.